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Longting is a heritage Chinese boutique winery , located on the eastern slop of Mount Feng in Penglai where is the northernmost in Shandong peninsula. Longting vineyard occupies 68 hectares, and half of the estate is dedicated to vines.bottles of high-end wines are produeed  per year, including dry white, dry red, rosé and desert wines. The vineyard is planted primarily to Petit Manseng,Marselan,Cabernet Franc,  Chardonnay ,Petit Verdot and Vidal. The tourist reception hall has an area of 2600㎡, the cellar covers 3700㎡……

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No irrigation, no chemical fertilizers, various biodynamic spraystailored to the vineyard’s requirements are applied.Spray 500 is applied to improve the soil fertility and spray501 is applied to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis of vines. Sod cultivation increases soil organic matters. Pruning and thinning are crucial for optimal balance to maintain the potential quality of grapes and keep yields within 500 kilos/mu (7500 kilos/ha). Crush the unwanted shoots,mulch them to improve soil moisture and increase organic matters and beneficial microbes in the soil. Leaves are thinned after flowering to increase the aroma, flavors and color of the grape. Rain-shelter cultivation is essential to protect the quality of grapes in rainy years.
Under the careful care of the viticulture team, Longting Vineyard won the Penglai Production District Quality Demonstration Park awarded by the Penglai Municipal People’s Government in 2018.


Dry red wine

This Cabernet sauvignon from north piedmont of Tian mountain in Xinjiangis blended with 5%-10% Cabernet Francfrom  Penglai. It had cold maceration before alcoholic fermentation……


100%Cabernet Franc. Saignée method and shortmaceration bringsbright pale pink color and  violet, passion fruit, grapefruit and elegant floral notes to this rosé. It is silkyon the palate.  ……

Sweet white wine

100% Petit Manseng.The grapes are hand picked when the sugar reaches 270g/L. Pressing after appropriate skin maceration, fermentation at low temperature with selected yeasts……