Ms. Song Yan

Born in a military family, Ms. Song grew up in a family-style tradition and a strict family education environment, which enabled her to develop a style of strict and straightforward.

In 2005, she graduated from the University of Queensland with a major in communication. She has been studying and living in Australia for many years, which has given her a strong interest in wine. After returning to China in 2008, he entered the largest wine import company in China at that time. In 2011, she formed a deep friendship with the owner of Chateau Belloy, the family heritage of the Fronsac in Bordeaux, France, and jointly designed and developed a tourism project for Bordeaux boutique wineries.

In 2013, Longting Vineyard was founded together with her husband, Mr. Wang Wenjing, who also aspires to the vineyard lifestyle. Ms. Song became the chairman of Longting Vineyard. From 2014 to 2015, while building up the winery, while nurturing two children, Longting Vineyard is the third child of Song Yan. Every grape in the winery, each building has witnessed her exquisite requirements for quality.

In 2015, Ms. Song and her husband donated a non-public charity organization in Beijing – “Jingyan Foundation”, which mainly subsidizes children’s major illness treatment and education public welfare projects for poor families. Ms. Song is the chairman of the foundation. In the past few years, the Foundation has rescued several prematurely ill children from difficult families.

In 2016, Ms. Song was elected as the representative of the People’s Congress of Penglai City.

“Returning to local brands and letting the world understand China’s high-quality terroir is our original intention” – Song Yan

The chief winemaker
Liu Layu

The chief winemaker Liu Layu is national wine judge, senior wine taster, senior winemaker of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association (CADA), China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA), and National Wine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Since joining Longting Vineyard in 2011, he has actively promoted biodynamic cultivation.

General Manager
Helen Lu

Helen Lu, graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor’s degree in law, joined the marketing department of ASC Fine Wines, the largest domestic wine importer at the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She was responsible for the brand promotion activities of the North District and led the team successfully planned and organized more than 1,000 marketing activities, and is well-known in the industry for its rigorous work attitude and perfect pursuit of details.
In June 2019, she joined Longting with the dream of “building a world-recognized Chinese artisan winery”, and in September planned and completed the opening ceremony of Longting. This attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs and caused a sensation in the wine industry.She will continue to lead the team in charge of the winery’s marketing work, including the marketing of Longting products and the sales work in all regions and all channels.
“Just like we can drink fine wines from all over the world in China, I believe that in the near future, we can also drink fine wines from China-Longting in all countries and cities”.

In the vineyard

No pesticides or, no chemical fertilizers are used in the vineyard,various biodynamic sprays tailored to the vineyard’s requirements are applied. Spray 500 is applied to improve the soil fertility and spray501 is applied to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis of vines. Sod cultivation increases soil organic matters. Pruning and thinning are crucial for optimal balance to maintain the potential quality of grapes and keep yields within 500 kilos/mu (7500 kilos/ha). Crush the unwanted shoots,mulch them to improve soil moisture and increase organic matters and beneficial microbes in the soil. Leaves are thinned after flowering to increase the aroma, flavors and color of the grape. Rain-shelter cultivation is essential to protect the quality of grapes in rainy years.

Under the careful care of the viticulture team, Longting Vineyard gain  the High-guality Demonstration vineyard in Penglai Region awarded by the Penglai Municipal People’s Government in 2018.

In the cellar

The cellar is built in the mountain. The roof of the cellar is two meters under the ground, which effectively keeps the temperature inside the cellar and conserves energy. By using the geothermal heat pumps, temperature and humidity can be kept constantly. The temperature is between14℃-17℃ and humidity is between 70%-80%. The cellar is divided into four parts, comprises tasting area, barrel storage, bottle storage and VIP storage, occupied 3700 ㎡.

French oak barrels from the forests of central France with fine grain are used and renewed every three years. Different types of barrels are used for dry red and dry white.

Exquisite technique

The oenologist begin to analyze the grapes from around one month before the grapes reach their optimal ripeness. Unhealthy clusters are removed before harvest. Once the grapes are hand-picked and sent to the winery, hand sorting is proceed to remove vegetal fragments such as leaves, stems pieces and petioles. Grapes are progressively brought into the destemmer, separating berries from stems, and then gently pressed and transferred to the tanks. Delta Oscillys destemmer by Bucher Vaslin preserve the integrity of the berries through out the operation for a minimum juice release. The digital display press with nitrogen protection from Bucher Inertys obtains the aroma and keeps the clearance of the juice perfectly.

It now consists of various shaped and sized tanks for different grape varieties, all the tanks are temperature-controlled and nitrogen-protected, providing optimum protection for the wines.