Longting Spring Cabernet Franc Rose 2018

This is a fresh and elegant wine. No rain throughout July 2018, making the berries extremely clean. The wine is bright ruby red with slight purpleish hue. It is show violet, white peach, pear, clove and a refreshing scent of mint, the fragrance is harmonious and lasting. The mouthfeel is soft and delicate with crisp lingering.


The grapes after three times cluster thinning, cluster selection and berry selection are

macerated with skin for 36 hours, pressed and fermented in low-temperature.

  • Recommended temperature: 10℃-12℃

  • Origin: penglai city, shandong province

  • Storage conditions: Avoid direct sunlight, should be stored in a dry and ventilated place at 5 ° C -25 ° C, a small amount of sediment does not affect drinking.
  • Ingredients: Grape, food additive (potassium metabisulfite)
  • Product Type:semi-dry
  • Product standards: GB/T15037