Longting Breeze Chardonnay Dry White 2016

With adequate frost-free period, moderate rainfall, and the micro-climate of the sea, the wine shows light gold color, with fresh and pleasant lemon, minerality, cream and slight oak scent. The aroma is complex and pleasant. The mouthfeel is supple and delicate, and moderate acidity brings freshness and vividness.


The grapes after three times cluster thinning, cluster selection and berry selection are fermented in low-temperature and aged in oak barrels for 3 months.

  • Origin: yantai, shandong

  • Storage conditions: Avoid direct sunlight, should be stored in a dry and ventilated place at 5 ° C -25 ° C, a small amount of sediment does not affect drinking.

  • Ingredients: Grape, food additive (potassium metabisulfite)

  • Product Type: Dry

  • Product standards:GB/T 15037

  • Alcohol: 12.5%vol

  • Net content: 750ml